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[] The Next Bitcoin? [] Shopify is up +218% in 8 months...

If that headline doesn't get your attention than you are most likely desensitized to news altogether, or maybe you're just skeptical of any purported performance numbers in general.

I can tell you from experience that this type of gain in a stock is rare and the potential for it to continue is even more rarefied territory -- especially while the broad market is getting hammered close to 10%.

Hopefully, you are asking the right questions at this point. Some of them may include, but are not limited to the following. How can I get involved without being the last buyer if this company gets taken to the woodshed shortly after I enter? How much of my total capital should I risk on this one investment idea? What is my ideal target? Are my expectations for this position realistic? Does this have an advantageous risk-reward ratio to benefit my portfolio if it performs as planned?

Here are the wrong questions to be contemplating prior to evaluating this opportunity. What news just came out that made this stock rally? What is the P/E ratio? Are the Insiders buying this because they know something I don't? What is the proper EBITDA for these stocks historically? Who is going to win the election next year for president? What does my random uncle think -- who I'm pretty sure is good at picking stocks?

Before we dig in a little more, I want to be clear that fundamental data is not without its merit. But if you believe for a second that it will actually help you manage the risk in this type of a investment scenario, than you simply need to invest more and learn the hard way. Some things can only be experienced but if you ask me I would prefer to have someone explain looking both ways before crossing the street, as opposed to getting blind-sided by an eighteen wheeler at 75 mph.

Here's a quick and very savvy approach to value investing without all the balance sheets, income statements, and the need to consult an accountant. See how SHOP stair-steps higher in a nice and orderly fashion from the bottom left of the screen to the top right?

This is "value investing" without all the data to confuse and potentially misguide investors (think Enron). Does that make sense? Can you see where it might make sense for you to consider investing in more opportunities like this, as opposed to being a imprisoned by mutual funds that may perform 6 to 8 percent this year?

If your next question is...sounds great where do I get in and answer the right questions from earlier? Then it's time to either learn the hard way (like you are most likely already doing) or get some guidance (from the pro who wrote this blog or some other qualified professional).

As always, there is so much more to learn about these charts. Greater clarity in anything, ultimately means more opportunities to choose from. Wouldn't it be more enjoyable to approach investing with a real edge as opposed to getting filtered information by someone you think knows better than you?

Similar to golf, we all have our own unique swing. Don't take my word for it or judge me based upon a single qualification on a dead resume, or something I accomplished in college. The truth is, if a so-called professional can't show you in real-time where a particular stock is headed, then they are guessing.

We don't guess at Principles and neither should you, especially since it's your money. Remember, no one cares more about your hard-earned savings than you do.

Caveat, here comes the hard sell -- If you're ready to stop guessing and take your knowledge to the next level then sign up today risk-free (or keep making the same mistakes so the pros can eat your lunch). It is your CHOICE ---->

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