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Before I became fascinated with the markets and how Price/charts illustrate the behavior between buyers and sellers, better yet, fear and greed -- I was fortunate to have spent the majority of my school years competing in sports (football, wrestling, and lacrosse). Little did I know at the time, growing up in constant transition, moving from school to school, and from the deep south to the northeast, I would be forced to develop the ability to adapt to contrasting environments at a very young age.

After graduating from Fairfield University, during the dotcom boom, I moved to Manhattan and began a career on Wall Street working at Deutsche Bank, where I was fortunate to learn the institutional side of investing, capital markets, trading, and IPOs.

Armed with this experience and knowledge, I left Deutsche Bank, started a fund, and launched myself fully into the craft of trading and speculating -- becoming obsessed with how interacting with the markets revealed a mirror from which I could learn more about myself and the psychology of human behavior. The early days of this endeavor were challenging to say the least. However, persistence, grit, and desire would ultimately prevail as I garnered 300 plus percent returns during the financial crisis of 2008.

In the interest of starting a family, I left Manhattan and moved back to my hometown of Boston. Upon return, and looking to expand, I started a wealth management business and immediately recognized the synergy of both ventures. Throughout the years, I developed a more simplistic approach to the complexities of financial planning and built transparent and lasting relationships with clients.

Never resting on my laurels, and mentoring with trading greats, Tim Morge and Shane Blankenship, I exponentially sharpened my skill set and became aware of a simple truth, or perhaps a principle -- there is no finish line in the pursuit of mastery...

"True wisdom is knowing what you don't know." - Confucious



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