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[] Principles [] T.G.I.M. -- Did you capture 26.41 percent?

It's natural to look at the below numbers and simply assume your portfolio or mutual funds are up close to 20% when seeing headline figures similar to the below.

BUT, it's a much healthier exercise to cross-check the gains (or losses) with your 401k, IRA or Brokerage accounts. This one additional step can help you get a better feel for how your investments are performing versus the percentages shared by the media.

While you're at it, ask yourself a few quick questions ---> Were there other opportunities available in the financial markets that could have been more fruitful? Could I have taken less risk and achieved similar results thus improving my overall risk/reward profile? From an execution perspective, how has dollar-cost averaging improved or diminished my results?

If you are disappointed with your results or they are not even close to the above then it's most likely time to find a new path forward given year-end or at least begin to ask more targeted questions that lead to more opportunities.

All the mistletoe, menorahs and awkward family conversations can only distract us from the cold hard reality of that inner voice screaming to escape the grind of our financial serfdom.

To be clear, Principles is about one thing – consistently beating the stock market to make money.

Don’t take our word for it, just see for yourself.

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