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[] Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained []


Now that the carnage has settled in from yesterdays session and we have seen how little retail buying has supported the near bottom lows from last Tuesday (the 6th), it's important to reevaluate given the bi-polar nature of the recent market action.

This up, down, up and all around behavior that has been the MO for the last 19 months is indicative of indecision.  Think of your spouse for a quick metaphor (sorry but it was just too easy).  Indecision between buyers and sellers on the grandest of playgrounds for adults (the stock market), results in a range-bound market, which is exactly what we are seeing.  

The tricky part about it as a proactive investor has been in how it keeps making new all-time highs -- four separate occasions to be precise.  To say it has been a minx would be an understatement and that's fine because nothing worthwhile in life, especially investing ever rewards those who expect easy.  The bigger concern is that all this sloshing most likely indicates distribution of risk assets, and not accumulation. 

Finally, I think my BF...Benjamin Franklin was correct when he quoted (see subject line) those powerfully simple four words.  I'll leave you with a chart of the bond market which is screaming right now.  As always, for clarification or additional color, you know where to find...

As always, there is so much more to learn about these charts. Greater clarity in anything, ultimately means more opportunities to choose from. Wouldn't it be more enjoyable to approach investing with a real edge as opposed to getting filtered information by someone you think knows better than you?

Similar to golf, we all have our own unique swing. Don't take my word for it or judge me based upon a single qualification on a dead resume, or something I accomplished in college. The truth is, if a so-called professional can't show you in real-time where a particular stock is headed, then they are guessing.

We don't guess at Principles and neither should you, especially since it's your money. Remember, no one cares more about your hard-earned savings than you do.

Caveat, here comes the hard sell -- If you're ready to stop guessing and take your knowledge to the next level then sign up today risk-free (or keep making the same mistakes so the pros can eat your lunch). It is your CHOICE ---->

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