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[] Deceptive Reality [] "The Market" does not care about you...

Most people would look at the contrast between the two charts below and immediately say "you were wrong." And I would say -- you're right. Then there would be an awkward pause followed by silence until they muster up enough courage to ask..."Why are you smiling and how can you be happy about being wrong?"

Put simply, I love to be wrong in a world that consistently seeks out ways to always be right. This doesn't mean I walk in front of highway traffic or pretend I can breathe underwater. What it does mean, however, is that when I am more curious to seek out what I don't know...I am positioning myself in a more fruitful opportunity to grow or evolve to the next level.

What exactly am I saying? Being right or correct all the time is boring and typically equates to not challenging yourself, your thoughts, and ultimately your perspective. Adult children, for lack of a better label, desire to be 'right' instead of exploring what they don't understand or have no clue about, thus closing off the potential to learn.

Think of it this way, the more curious mind learns to leverage this dilemma as an opportunity to explore the depths of their ignorance, and over time this individual will eventually begin to seek out these types of environments and eventually enjoy it because they become an oasis of discovery (that was deep, right? was for me ;-).

Let's clarify what I'm talking about before the straight jackets bust down the door. The below chart was sent to members and blogged on the 25th of September, (see here:

Now let's take a look at the next chart below, notice how scenario 1 began to play out as I had drawn but later turned into a range and more closely reflected the grey lines.

You see the market doesn't care about my lines, and most importantly my opinion.

The key takeaway isn't that I'm wrong all the time, or incapable of reading the market in order to consistently make money as an investor -- its that I am good with change.

Once I can accept this inevitability, then I can evolve into understanding that predicting the market has nothing to do with succeeding as an investor/trader/speculator/human.

Buddha said it best, impermanence is all around us yet we focus our energy on being attached to what is constantly changing, which in turn creates suffering.

Think of it this way, if you try to surf the 100-year storm with Bodhi from 'Point Break' and you ignore the flow of the's that going to turn out for you?

Let me know what you think and PLEASE don't take my word for it or judge me based upon a single qualification on a CV, or something I accomplished in middle school or even something from last year...we are only as good as our last challenge bested.

The truth is, if a so-called professional can't show you in real-time where a particular stock or market is headed, then they are guessing (and sadly most are because they have mastered a skill set in sales, relation-building, or just a slick haircut, as opposed to reading the markets which can take a lifetime to develop).

If you don't believe investing can be this simple -- then set up a time on our calendar for a "7 minute non-pitch" where you can pick any stock and we'll show you how to buy, sell or hold it like a hedge fund manager (a really savvy one, not the guy in his parent's basement writing code for an algo that works for a month then blows up).

Or just keep making the same mistakes so the pros can keep eating your lunch. Either way ----> It's Your Time, Your Money and Ultimately Your Choice.

We wish you the best on your journey to becoming a more opportunistic investor!

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