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[] Deceptive Reality [] It's that time of month again!

Yes...pun intended, BUT, I guess it depends on which one you are thinking about when you read that headline. Apparently, it was worthy of your attention. And now that it's still attempting to figure out what I'm actually talking about lets dig in.

It's TIME to ask much of the below performance numbers you actually captured versus the media massaged percentage. Maybe its less or hopefully its more -- am I allowed to want what's best for you if we don't know each other yet?

At the end of the day, month, quarter or a just weekend G.O.T. binge, it is healthy to take off the blinders and look at your quarterly statements (remember the one's you got in the mail and never looked at in 2008).

Humor aside, how much of the 15.23% did you personally capture in your mutual funds, index funds or whatever else you invest your hard-earned income into each time you get a paycheck (and never know the actual price you pay, doesn't that seem odd)? Is that after fees or before fees? Do you even know what the fees are? Is it in a wrap account or a pay per trade account? Do you understand the difference? Is it all confusing? That's kind of the least for the industry's sake which they will say is outlined in the statements you never read unless the markets tank, or you lose your job, or take a month off to understand.

Want some clarity without committing to a new relationship? Want a second opinion without a bias (is that a paradox?)...or just the understanding that you don't have to move your assets because you took the initiative to see if there was a better option out there?

Remember, new is not the enemy, apathy to the new is the real grim reaper...the best relationships flourish in a synergistic environment or platform, not exclusive of one another. Think mastermind groups or Google or FB.

Greater clarity in anything, ultimately means more opportunities to choose from. Wouldn't it be more enjoyable to approach investing with a real edge as opposed to getting filtered information by someone you think knows better than you?

Don't take my word for it or judge me based upon a single qualification on a dead resume, or something I accomplished in college. The truth is, if a so-called professional can't show you in real-time where a particular stock or market is headed, then they are guessing (and sadly most are because they have mastered a skill set in sales, relation building, or just a slick haircut, as opposed to reading the markets which can take a lifetime to develop).

We don't guess at Principles and neither should you, especially since it's your money. Remember, no one cares more about your hard-earned savings than you do. Isn't time to invest in your investing?

Caveat, here comes the hard sell -- If you're ready to stop guessing and take your knowledge to the next level then sign up today risk-free (or keep making the same mistakes so the pros can eat your lunch). It is your CHOICE ---->

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