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[] Principles [] T.G.I.M. -- Embrace the grind...?

Isn't it humorous how modern culture seems to be embracing "the grind" as if it were a worthy endeavor?

Don't get me wrong -- dedication and commitment to a craft are necessary to achieve the freedom we all desire in a capitalistic society...but can we please call grinding exactly what it is as opposed to glorifying it?

If you've actually done it for a few years or even decades (like most of us), it is hardly a desirable pursuit, let alone a goal to aspire to.

Honestly, how often do you leap out of bed in the morning excited to "go grind it out"...? Seriously, did you pop out from under the covers before your alarm went off because you were sick of enjoying the weekend?

Yet, the worst part isn't the sacrifices made along the way in order to justify the behavior. It's the so-called reality we build around supporting it, as opposed to exploring options to break free from it.

Think about that for a second…what if you were to dedicate even a fraction of that same energy to discover ways to break escape it? Hmmm...light bulb moment or do you think this is simply a sales pitch designed to get you to buy a motivational conference? Or perhaps some therapy sessions to dissect your childhood and justify why you should take a pill to enhance some other pill you were convinced to take because your parents neglecting you –- yikes.

After all, if everyone is doing it then who am I to question the prevailing existence, or more accurately, drone lifestyle. What if you asked this question instead -- "if misery truly loves company, why am I so content on being a passenger?"

And later if you are open to possibilities outside of your individual ethos, ask yourself "am I truly powerless to make choices that would aid in my ability to realize a more fruitful path and/or potential outcome?"

Just a thought as we embark on a new I'm sure you were thinking exactly what I was this morning ----> Thank God Its Monday

As always, we wish you the best on your journey to becoming a more skilled investor.

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