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[] Mkt Update [] What everyone else isn't seeing...?

Socrates said it best, "I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think."

If you've ever tried to teach a close-minded adult anything in your life or convince them, they might be viewing a particular subject matter myopically -- you know what I mean and we can relate.

On the other hand, if you attempt to teach your adolescent child anything -- they are typically receptive because they are well as less encumbered by the societal pressures that we face as adults.

Side note -- isn't it kind of humorous how we watch our children play and learn for years, if not decades, while we rarely play and hardly learn. Then we wake up each day and wonder why we are lost or incapable of being happy...hmmm

Hopefully, by now we can agree that remaining open to what we don't know, as well as, the very concept of thinking we know is a flawed premise to operate from at all, let alone when we believe it is being threatened by someone else's perspective.

Ohhh yeah, I was writing an article before I went it a philosophical digression -- dohhh.

Yesterday was interesting from a headline perspective but it may be feeding into a really nice buy oppty (around 2910 to 2890) for the next leg higher -- if there is one of course.  

Take a look at the chart below. Despite the continued selling the buyers keep lining up which may prove to be the "what everyone else is missing factor" especially if this mkt decides to keep rising regardless of all the trade war, tariffs, trump, china, p/e ratios, employment, GDP data --blah blah blah...

Let me know what you think and PLEASE don't take my word for it or judge me based upon a single qualification on a CV, or something I accomplished in middle school or even something from last year...we are only as good as our last challenge bested.

The truth is, if a so-called professional can't show you in real-time where a particular stock or market is headed, then they are guessing (and sadly most are because they have mastered a skill set in sales, relation-building, or just a slick haircut, as opposed to reading the markets which can take a lifetime to develop).

If you don't believe investing can be this simple -- then set up a time on our calendar for a "7 minute non-pitch" where you can pick any stock and we'll show you how to buy, sell or hold it like a hedge fund manager (a really savvy one, not the guy in his parent's basement writing code for an algo that works for a month then blows up).

Or just keep making the same mistakes so the pros can keep eating your lunch. Either way ----> It's Your Time, Your Money and Ultimately Your Choice.

We wish you the best on your journey to becoming a more opportunistic investor!

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