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Mkt Update: HURRY UP and wait...

Ready, Set, GO...or not.

Despite the healthy "stair-stepping" structure of the indexes since Christmas and the last couple months, it appears the dog days of summer have seduced the markets into a deep slumber (for now at least).

That said, we now have two choices as investors. One - we can attempt to force the markets into our perception by exerting energy toward an endeavor that is destined for failure (given the sheer size of the overall markets). OR...Two - we can acknowledge the context, i.e., its summer and most people are enjoying life for a change and are more focused on sharing experiences with friends and family.

Which will you choose? Make no mistake about it, both represent choices we justify (right or wrong) as a result of what we NEED or more accurately what we believe we need. The evolution begins when we can actually discern between the two and realize we are driven by impatience to see our individual thesis' play out in a public forum aka "the markets."

Does that make sense? If not, take a look at the first two below charts and observe how the price action is telling the story that I'm attempting to articulate but similar to most things in life, experience will always supersede theory.

The bigger picture and macro perspective remains below...

There is so much more to see on charts like this and many more pieces of information we can observe to make more sound decisions as investors -- Want to learn more? See more? Let's have a quick chat or sign up today...

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